CamperGlück Foldable Grill review by
Last year I met Gijs from at my booth on the 4 X 4 rhein-waal Off-Road Tradeshow. He had a funny remark about the CamperGlück Foldable Grill that I produce. In my design the grill grid is positioned from the front to the rear if you stand in front of the grill. Gijs told me that most grills have this grill grid design and he found it totally unpractical. The reason: if he grills skewers he wants to put them on the grill from the front; just like you put a pan on the furnace. I thought that was not too stupid so I told him I could do a grill grid from left to right or diagonal. He wanted it from left to right so I made him one and Gijs made a review in writing and in video. And… Gijs was pretty happy about my CamperGlück Foldable Grill and rated it with a 8.6 mark.
You will find the review video on or direct on the YouTube channel